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CHEM 218 - General Chemistry II Experiments List

Experiment Description:
Block A
Lab Safety Safety pledge.
Candle Experiment Practice making scientific observations, following procedures, and writing lab reports.
Experiment A1: Mass and volume measurement.
Experiment A2: The use of a commercial spectrophotometer to measure the amount of ASA (acetylsalicylic acid) in an Aspirin tablet. Preparation of stock solutions and dilutions.
Experiment A3: Acid–base titrations. Standardization of a sodium hydroxide solution and the subsequent measurement of the amount of ASA in Aspirin tablets.
Experiment A4: The determination of the universal gas constant.
Block B
Experiment B1: Solutions and solubility. Learn different factors affecting the the solution process and solubility (stirring, temperature, diffusion, saturation, colligative properties).
Experiment B2: The determination of an enthalpy change that cannot be measured directly. Use of a simple calorimeter and study of Hess’s Law.
Experiment B3: The reactions and identification of some common cations. Test for the presence of certain cations in a substance; net ionic equations and line spectra.
Experiment B4: Quantitative gravimetric determination of phosphorus found in plant fertilizer.
Block C
Experiment C: The stoichiometry of an oxidation–reduction reaction using titration. Reaction of potassium iodate and potassium iodide to produce iodine.

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