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CHEM 218 - General Chemistry II Experiments List

Experiment Description:
Lab Safety Part of the CHEM218 Lab Orientation at the start of Day 01 of the lab session.
Block D
Experiment D1: Reaction Kinetics I: Effect of concentration on the rate constant.
Experiment D2: Reaction Kinetics II: Effect of temperature on the rate constant.
Experiment D3: The determination of an equilibrium constant.
Experiment D4: Le Chatelier's Principle. Four reactions are observed for their responses to change to the concentration of reactants and products.
Experiment D5: Acid Base Titrations. Use of a pH meter to follow the titration of a strong acid /strong base and a weak acid/strong base.
Block E
Experiment E1: Voltaic cells and use of standard electrode potentials.
Experiment E2: Determination of a molar mass by electrolysis.
Block F
Experiment F1: Synthesis and purification of acetylsalicylic acid from salicyilic acid and acetic anhydride.
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