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CHEM 360 - Organic Chemistry II Experiments List

Exp. # Description:
10. Fischer Esterification. An ester from a carboxylic acid and alcohol.
11. Qualitative organic chemistry for functional groups. Alcohols and alkyl halides. SN1 and SN2 reactions.
12. Sodium borohydride reduction of benzophenone. Reduction of a carbonyl group to an alcohol and principles of thin-layer chromatography.
13. Aldol condensation reactions between aldehydes and ketones.
14. H-NMR Tutorial. Home lab exercise. For tutorial help, consult H-NMR Spectroscopy Tutorial.
15. Qualitative organic chemistry for functional groups. Aldehydes and ketones.
16. Grignard Reaction. Synthesis of triphenylmethanol from bomobenzene and ethyl benzoate.
17. Multistep synthesis of benzocaine.


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