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BIOL 204: Principles of Biology I
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Lab Activity
Lab 1: Chromatography Students will separate pigments in leaf extracts using paper chromatography
Lab 2: Osmosis Students create model cells with dialysis tubes; osmotic effects are evaluated in isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic environments
Lab 3: Enzymes Students evaluate the rate of starch breakdown by the enzyme amylase; in addition they investigate the effect of pH on amylase activity
Lab 4: Fermentation Students compare yeast fermentation rates at two different temperatures
Lab 5: Genetics: Albino Corn Students will germinate F1 corn seeds that are the results of a heterozygous cross and evaluate the results using Mendelian genetics
Lab 6: DNA Extraction Students will extract DNA from fruit using simple procedures
Lab 7: Bioinformatics Students will be provided with DNA sequences and identify the organisms with BLAST searches on the website of the National Centre for Biotechnology Information

Note: All labs (except Lab 7) must be documented photographically. Two of the labs will be selected for lab reports.

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