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GEOL 200 - Introductory Physical Geology Laboratory Exercises

GEOL 200 (Introductory Physical Geology) has a lab component comprising 12 labs which are listed below.

Lab Assignment 1 Minerals and Rocks
Lab Assignment 2 Igneous Rocks and Processes
Lab Assignment 3 Sedimentary Rocks, Processes, and Environments
Lab Assignment 4 Metamorphic Rocks and Processes, and a Review of All Rock Types
Lab Assignment 5 Topographic Maps
Lab Assignment 6 Stream Processes and Landscapes
Lab Assignment 7 Glacial Processes and Landforms
Lab Assignment 8 Topographic Maps and Orthoimage Interpretation
Lab Assignment 9 Relative Ages of Rocks, Geologic Cross Sections, and Geologic Columns
Lab Assignment 10 Geologic Structures
Lab Assignment 11 Interpretation of Geologic Maps
Lab Assignment 12 Earthquake Hazards and Human Risks

The course uses the lab manual: Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology (10th ed.) Busch, R. M. (Ed.), & Tasa, D. (Illust.) (Prentice Hall) (2015). Students will receive a home lab kit containing rocks and minerals and other materials to go with some of the exercises.

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