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GEOL 207 - Introduction to Environmental Geology Laboratory Exercise List

GEOL 207 (Introduction to Environmental Geology) has a lab component comprising 10 labs which are listed below.

Exercise #1 Maps, Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images
Exercise #2 Earth Materials, Geologic Time and Geologic Processes
Exercise #3 Tectonic Earthquakes and Associated Hazards
Exercise #4 Volcanoes and Volcanic Hazards
Exercise #5 Landslides and Avalanches
Exercise #6 Coastal Hazards
Exercise #7 River Floods
Exercise #8 Groundwater Hydrology
Exercise #9 Water Quality Data and Pollution Sources
Exercise #10 Geology and Regional Planning

The course uses the lab manual: "Investigations in Environmental Geology" 3rd ed. by Duncan Foley et al. 2009. (Prentice Hall). Students will receive a home lab kit containing rocks and minerals and other materials to go with some of the exercises. For other exercises, students will work with data collected from real life geological settings to solve specific problems related to environmental geology.

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