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Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry II


  .mov .mpg .rm .wmv
Distillation 18MB 26MB 8MB 15MB
Distillation Reduced Pressure 23MB 33MB 10MB 18MB
Filtration 25MB 36MB 12MB 20MB
Handling Chemicals 23MB 33MB 11MB 19MB
Melting Point Determination 11MB 16MB 5MB 9MB
Recrystallization Single Solvent 28MB 40MB 13MB 22MB
Recrystallization Two Solvents 14MB 21MB 7MB 12MB
Reflux 14MB 20MB 6MB 11MB
Thin Layer Chromatography 26MB 38MB 12MB 20MB
Using a Rotary Evaporator 14MB 20MB 6MB 11MB
Using a Separatory Funnel 25MB 36MB 12MB 20MB
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Video Credits:

Producer/Director: Lois M. Browne BSc, PhD
Screen Play/Consultants: Craig Railton PhD, MD - Philip Wickens PhD
Stage Hands: Neal Fong BSc, DC - Sandra Kenefick BSc, MSc - Minh Vo BSc, MD
Actors: Jonathan Cartensen BSc, BEd - Timothy Van Vliet BSc, BEd
Production - Media Masters: Nabeal Mansour
Photography - Video Masters: Joey Dusseault
Graphics: Marcia Anstee - Minh Vo BSc, MD
Technical Consultants: Larry Coulson - Todd Demone - Ronald J. Gardner

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