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Lab Requests—Troubleshooting

Lab Kit Request

If you encounter an error in submitting your lab kit request form please refer to the following set of instructions.

In case the error repeats, send a message to Science Lab.

While you’re performing the tasks listed below, please save the screen shots of your steps to your desktop (it should come to 1-3 screen shots in total):

  1. In a newly opened browser (please, clear cache and cookies) copy/paste the following URL:
  2. At this point you should be prompted to provide your user ID and password. Provide them in the appropriate fields and hit ok.
    (Your user ID will be your "student ID" and your password will be the same as the one you use for accessing myAU Student Portal.

Does it still still return an error?

If the answer is 'YES', please attach the screen shots you've just made and send them to Science Lab.

Updated December 11 2014 by Student & Academic Services

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