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Athabasca University

Dr. Douglas W. Eley

Academic Coordinator, Health Studies


  • Email:
  • Toll Free: 1-866-418-7208


  • B.Sc.: University of British Columbia  Agriculture / Forestry, Wildlife Management
  • Ph.D.: University of Ottawa: Medical Physiology
  • Post Doctoral training: University of Calgary, Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Research Associate: University of Calgary, Neurophysiology Research Group
  • Instructor: University of Calgary Medical School, School of Nursing, and Kinesiology
  • Instructor: Mount Royal University:  Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences
  • Academic Coordinator, Athabasca University, Center for Science.


For six years during and following my B.Sc. Program, I worked as a Biologist on various caribou, wolf, and grizzly bear studies across the Yukon and western region of the North West Territories, much of British Columbia, parts of western Alberta, and the northern tip of Montana.  During winter months, while the bears ‘hibernated’, I worked with Parks Canada as a Warden and Large Mammal Specialist, where I was paid to fly around in helicopters, ski across glaciers, and climb the mountains of central British Columbia as training for performing mountain rescues.

I returned to university to pursue a PhD in Medical Physiology (University of Ottawa), where my thesis research involved biochemical and electrophysiological analysis of cardiac tissue undergoing free-radical mediated oxidative injury.  I moved to Calgary in 1992 for Post-Doctoral training (Heart and Stroke Fellowship), following into a Research Associate position in Neurophysiology (Medical Research Fellowship).  My love for teaching led me to ten years of lecturing at Mount Royal University, where I received a Distinguished Faculty Award for my work with students.  

My recent move to Athabasca University will hopefully allow me to gain expertise in the development of Distance Delivery courses in the fields of Health and Environmental Sciences.   I am currently responsible for the administration of ENVS 200, HLST 200, HLST 201, and HLST301, while creating a 300 level course in Environmental Health. I sit as a member on various committees associated with the development of our Masters of Science (M.Sc.) program in Environmental Sciences.

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