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Geography is a fascinating, modern and fast growing discipline which is not only limited to the location of places but also aims to describe and understand the world in which we live, through the scientific analysis of spatio-temporal patterns of human and natural phenomena, and the interactions between them.

Athabasca University offers key basic courses in each of the major branches of geography: physical and human geography, regional studies, and geographic techniques. These online and distance education courses are transferable to many other institutions throughout North America and they give students a certain degree of flexibility to study geography when it is convenient for them and at their own pace. As well, they provide the opportunity of getting geographical knowledge and skills that are particularly in demand and highly marketable.

Geography is multidisciplinary by nature and establishes a bridge between the physical, natural, informational and human sciences. Our geography courses are therefore appropriate for students who wish to complete their undergraduate education in geography but also for students of disciplines other than geography willing to get a broad-based insight into Earth, from a local to a global perspective.

Our courses include: GEOG 265, GEOG 266, GEOG 322, GEOG 365, GEOG 495, GEOG 496.

Courses in human geography are also offered by the Centre for Social Sciences:  GEOG 200, GEOG 201, GEOG 302, and GEOG 311.

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