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Athabasca University


At Athabasca University, we offer three introductory level courses in geology (GEOL 200, GEOL 201 and GEOL 207) and three senior level courses (GEOL 313, GEOL 319 and GEOL 415). The courses are specially designed for completion at a distance and are transferable to many other institutions throughout North America. GEOL 200, GEOL 201 and GEOL 207 have lab components and are suitable for both science and non-science majors. GEOL 319 and GEOL 415 require prior completion of GEOL 200 (or GEOL 207) and GEOL 201 or equivalents. GEOL 313 has no prerequisites and can be taken by students from a wide range of backgrounds. We also offer two geology project courses (GEOL 495/496), which would be appropriate for those wishing to take a research project equivalent to an undergraduate thesis.

Our geology courses are taken by a student body that transcends a broad spectrum of society, ranging from degree students at Athabasca University to students from other institutions catching up on missing credits, professionals within the fields of geology, oil and gas sectors, and environmental sciences as well as earth science enthusiasts wishing to improve their knowledge of geology. In all cases, our students are particularly attracted to Athabasca University by the self paced structure of our science courses that allows them to pursue their studies without interrupting their careers and other engagements.

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