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Geography is a multidisciplinary field and establishes a bridge between the physical, natural, informational and human sciences. We offer basic courses in each of the major branches of geography: physical and human geography, regional studies, and geographic techniques.

Our courses are appropriate for students who wish to complete their undergraduate education in geography, but also for those looking for broad-based insight into the Earth. More...

Our courses include: GEOG 265, GEOG 266, GEOG 322, GEOG 495, GEOG 496.


Our student body includes degree students from AU and other institutions; professionals from within the fields of geology, oil and gas sectors, and environmental sciences; and earth science enthusiasts wishing to improve their knowledge. More...

We offer three introductory level courses in geology (GEOL 200, GEOL 201 and GEOL 207) and three senior level courses (GEOL 313, GEOL 319, and GEOL 415).

AU also offers two geology project courses (GEOL 495/496), appropriate for a research project equivalent to an undergraduate thesis.

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