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Athabasca University

Academic Support

Dr. Shawn LewenzaAssociate Professor, Environmental Health

Dr. Norman Temple - Professor, Nutrition

Academic Experts

Wendy Benson

Tutors: NUTR 331, NUTR 405
Teresa Bosse

Tutors: NUTR 330
Karen Davison

Tutors: HLST 200, HLST 201, HLST 301
Deborah Foster

Tutors: HLST 200
Simon Habegger

Tutors: HLST 200, HLST 201
Helen Onderka

Tutors: NUTR 330, NUTR 331
Marise Pinheiro

Tutors: NUTR 331
Janete Poloway

Tutors: HLST 301, NUTR 330, NUTR 331
Marie Weingartshofer

Tutors: NUTR 331

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