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Athabasca University

Access to Students with Disabilities

Science Lab Guidelines

With regard to the time demands, diverse activity requirements, and safety considerations that must be considered within a supervised mandatory laboratory component of a science course; students who have (or believe they have) a disability that may affect their performance or progress within a supervised science lab are encouraged to contact the Professional Services Coordinator, Accessibility Services, at 780-497-3424, or 1-800-788-9041 ext. 3424, or or a University Counsellor BEFORE booking.

If students do not provide advance notice of their need for accommodation prior to lab bookings, we may not be able to accommodate them as fully as we would wish.  Because Lab Courses are unique in terms of assignments, activities, and requirements, accommodations approved for other courses may not be sufficient.  Accommodation requirements for Lab Courses should be assessed independently of other courses.

After consulting with Accessibility Services, the necessary "accommodations information" would be forwarded to the course and lab coordinators to discuss how accommodation requirements might best be implemented. You, the student, will be included in the discussion. Once the accommodations have been finalized, the lab coordinator will ensure implementation to facilitate the student's opportunity to successfully complete the lab component.

The student may choose to share information regarding the nature of their disabling condition with the lab coordinator/course tutor/course professor, however this is not a requirement for students to attend a lab session.

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Updated October 28 2020 by Student & Academic Services

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