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Athabasca University

Lab Committee

Athabasca University Science Lab Committee (AUSLC)

The AUSLC is an ad-hoc advisory committee that reports routinely to the Chair for the Centre for Science.

The AUSLC also makes recommendations as necessary to the Dean - Faculty of Science & Technology, the VP and Associate VP - Academic, and the VP - Finance regarding policy matters related to science lab activities and lab safety and security.


  1. Science Professors with Science Lab components (one who will be Chair)
  2. Science Lab Coordinator
  3. Science Lab Technician
  4. Science Lab Kit Manager
  5. Director of Facilities (as required)
  6. Additional members as approved by the committee
Committee Members
Name Centre/Faculty E-mail
Roland Treu, Chair (July 01, 2010 - ) Biology Professor, Centre for Science
Shauna Zenteno, Outgoing Chair * Microbiology Professor, Centre for Science
Lisa Carter Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
Scott McGavin Acting Academic Coordinator, Chemistry
Lawton Shaw Chemistry Professor, Centre for Science
John Ulici-Petrut Biology Coordinator
Ken Munyikwa Geology Professor, Centre for Science
Martin Connors Physics Professor, Centre for Science
Farook Al-Shamali Physics Course Coordinator, Centre for Science
Robert Carmichael Lab Coordinator, Centre for Science
Rafael Hakobyan Lab Kit Manager, Centre for Science
Ian Schofield Observatory Researcher
Darren Schmidtke Occupational Health and Safety Advisor

* Dr. Shauna Zenteno served as Chair from 2005-2010.

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