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Athabasca University

Biology Labs

Course Title Type of Lab* BSc* & BSc-PD Lab Credit BSc Human Science Lab Credit
BIOL 204: Principles of Biology I Home Labs
(7 experiments)
Yes Yes
BIOL 205: Principles of Biology II B Home Labs and Simulations
(6 experiments)
No No
BIOL 207: Principles of Biology II Home & Superv. Labs (15/5) Yes Yes
BIOL 230: Physiology
(effective January 1, 2014)
Home Sims & Labs (13/0) Yes Yes
BIOL 320: Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates Supervised Labs (4 days) Yes No
BIOL 325: Introductory Microbiology Supervised Labs (16/4) Yes Yes
BIOL 345: Ecology Home (4) & Superv. Labs (4 days) Yes Yes
BIOL 480: Immunology Online Lab Yes Yes

* (#/#) = the number of experiments or exercises done / the number of supervised lab days to complete the lab component.

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*Including Bachelor of Science Major in Applied Mathematics.

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