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Chemistry Lab Exemptions

Laboratory fees (on-site labs, lab kits, and virtual labs) are mandatory and cannot be waived. These non-refundable fees also apply to students with lab exemptions.

Note: Only official, organized laboratory components of credit courses offered at other institutions can be used for lab exemptions.

CHEM217/218/350/360 lab exemptions at Athabasca University can be granted only if:

  1. an equivalent* chemistry course has been taken, and
  2. the course was taken within the last 5 years, and
  3. the student obtained a clear pass (greater than 60%) on the lab component.

CHEM311/313 lab exemptions at Athabasca University can be granted only if:

  1. Equivalent^ courses must include a minimum of 35 hrs of lab instruction.
  2. Experiments must cover equivalent breadth of techniques (see below for details).
  3. Lab grade must be at least 75%. If you have a grade less than 75%, Course Coordinator approval is required.
^Equivalent to 311 must include titrations (acid/base, complexation and redox); gravimetric analysis; and use of a pH meter or other ISE. Optional: Molecular Spectroscopy (UV-VIS, Fluorescence, FTIR and/or Raman).

^Equivalent to 313 must include LC and GC; AAS and/or ICP; and Electrochemistry (2 or 3 of: Voltammetry, Coulometry, ISE). Optional: Molecular Spectroscopy (UV-VIS, Fluorescence, FTIR and/or Raman) and/or Mass Spectroscopy.

Proof of successful completion of an equivalent lab course can be shown by either one of two options below.


Producing an official transcript that shows a separate grade for the laboratory component.


Arranging for an official letter, on letterhead from the Chemistry Department of the college or university that includes:

  • a subject line stating the name, code(s) of the Athabasca University course(s), and # of credits for which you are seeking a lab exemption: (e.g., General Chemistry I, CHEM 217, 3 credits)
  • the name, code(s) of the course(s), and # of credits taken at the sending institution. (e.g., Organic Chemistry I, CHEM XXXX, 3 credits)
  • the date when the student took the course(s) (e.g., Fall Term: Sep-Dec, 2016).
  • the students approximate lab mark or Pass/Fail.

Note: The external laboratory grade will not be imported. Your final mark will be determined by course work done with Athabasca University.

The information should be directly sent to AU Science Lab Coordinator

*Lab exemption information must be received BEFORE the students course contract end date.

Once you are lab exempted there is a course mark redistribution so that your final mark is determined only by course work done with Athabasca University.

For more details on the course mark redistribution, please contact the AU Science Lab Coordinator.

Note: Your final grade at AU cannot be processed until we receive your official transcript or lab exemption request letter.

Updated May 18 2016 by Student & Academic Services

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