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Microbiology Lab Exemptions

A lab exemption will only be granted in exceptional cases. Lab exemptions for BIOL 325* may be granted if:

  1. an equivalent microbiology course has been taken at a recognized institution.
  2. the course has been taken within the last 5 years.
  3. the student achieved greater than 50% on the lab component.

These criteria must be supported by an official transcript that shows a separate grade for the "equivalent laboratory component" of the course. If the lab mark is not shown as a separate mark on the official transcript, then you must arrange to send a "Lab Exemption Request Letter" from the lab coordinator at the previously attended institution to the AU Science Lab Coordinator.

Once you are lab exempted there is a course mark redistribution so that your final mark is determined only by course work done with Athabasca University.

For more details on the course mark redistribution, please contact the AU Science Lab Coordinator.

The microbiology lab exemption request information should be directly sent to the AU Science Lab Coordinator.

*BIOL 325 Lab exemption information must be received BEFORE the course contract end date.

The final grade for the course cannot be processed until the official transcript has been received by Athabasca University.

Updated December 11 2014 by Student & Academic Services

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