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Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry II


  Length .mp4
Distillation 8:43 85.1MB
Distillation Reduced Pressure 10:50 106MB
Filtration 12:00 117MB
Handling Chemicals 10:58 107MB
Melting Point Determination 5:22 51.9MB
Recrystallization Single Solvent 13:12 129MB
Recrystallization Two Solvents 6:49 66.7MB
Reflux 6:32 63.9MB
Thin Layer Chromatography 12:36 123MB
Using a Rotary Evaporator 6:37 64.7MB
Using a Separatory Funnel 12:04 118MB

Video Credits:

Producer/Director: Lois M. Browne BSc, PhD
Screen Play/Consultants: Craig Railton PhD, MD - Philip Wickens PhD
Stage Hands: Neal Fong BSc, DC - Sandra Kenefick BSc, MSc - Minh Vo BSc, MD
Actors: Jonathan Cartensen BSc, BEd - Timothy Van Vliet BSc, BEd
Production - Media Masters: Nabeal Mansour
Photography - Video Masters: Joey Dusseault
Graphics: Marcia Anstee - Minh Vo BSc, MD
Technical Consultants: Larry Coulson - Todd Demone - Ronald J. Gardner

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