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General Chemistry Lab Schedules

The CHEM 217 labs have become a HOME LAB course since April 2003. Now that the CHEM 217 home lab kits are fully available, CHEM 217 will no longer be offered as a supervised lab.

Currently home-lab kits cannot go outside of Canada. Students residing outside Canada need to either visit us for face-to-face labs or arrange for themselves an equivalent lab session at another institution to obtain a lab exemption.

The CHEM 217 home lab kit request form is available online.

Chemistry labs are sometimes offered as back-to-back lab sessions, where a student can take multiple lab components in one trip. In order for this to be allowed, special permission is required from the Chemistry Course and Lab coordinators.

Our booking page gives you information on how to book a lab.

AU General Chemistry Labs for the years

Updated February 03 2020 by Student & Academic Services

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