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Athabasca University

Dr. Burt Vourhees

Professor Emeritus



  • Ph.D. Physics (Texas)
  • M.S. Physics (Arizona)
  • A.B. Physics (Berkeley)


I joined Athabasca University as an Associate Professor of Mathematics in 1982 after spending nine years in postdoctoral positions at the University of Alberta in the Department of Mathematics.

During this time I also worked in the University of Alberta Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Psychology as a research associate. My interests have included general relativity, mathematical biology, psychology, complex systems, and philosophy.

My current research work centers on studies of cellular automata; developing simple computational models that illustrate general principles of complex system behavior; and development of an analysis of the history of science from the viewpoint of cognitive psychology, in particular viewing the evolution of science as involving development of methods to avoid certain "cognitive illusions" that arise as a result of the way that the brain and mind process information.

I am also interested in developing Moore method mathematics courses adapted for distance delivery.

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